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JD7 Investigator
JD7 LDS1000
JD7 Bullet

JD7 - Engineering Excellence - Providing Network Intelligence

2010 UKSTT Most Innovative Technology award

2012 Finalists for the Water Industry Achievements award for the best technology

2013 Winner of the Pipeline Industry Guild's - Utility Pipeline Technology Award

NEW JD7 Pipeline Assessments and Inspection solutions.

JD7 is a specialised technology provider focussed on Pipeline Assessments and Inspection solutions.

JD7 have pioneered none-disruptive pressurised water main CCTV and NDT condition assessment technologies with support from the UK’s leading utility and water companies.

JD7 are proud to be strategic partners of Balfour Beatty Utility Solutions, GL Noble Denton and members of a technology development consortium with Yorkshire Water and Morrison Utility Solutions Ltd.

JD7 also has international partners including Wachs Water Services covering USA, Canada & Mexico, Blue Gold - covering the Middle East and Water Worx Northern and Southern Ireland.

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Leak Detection Equipment Sales

Mini-cam ~ PROTEUS™ Crawler Pipeline Assessments and Inspection.

Manual Elevator
Optional Camera Heads and Auxiliary Light
Quick-Change Wheel Lock
Optional Large Wheels
Built-in Lowering Device
Heavy Duty Connector

Designed and developed in-house, Mini-Cam’s Proteus crawler is an entry-level modular system for the pipeline inspection market.
A robust, lightweight and extremely powerful 6 wheel drive, steerable crawler, Proteus offers everything needed for professional pipeline inspection.

Proteus features CAN bus technology, allowing communication directly between each piece of attached equipment, and can relay control and status information such as activity, speed, pressure, inclination and temperature.

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Leak Detection Equipment Sales

Mini-Cam Solo Pro 360

The Solo Pro 360 CCTV inspection cameras are available in 60m and 100m cable lengths.
The Solo Pro has a 360 degree rotating head with pan and tilt, which is controlled by a joystick on the control box allowing the user to better view the entire inside of the pipe.
The Solo Pro 360 also has a digital meter counter and full reporting system.

40m Solo Pro
60m Solo Pro
100m Solo Pro
60m Solo Pro 360
100m Solo Pro 360

Entry Level Internal Pipe Inspection CCTV
Leak Detection Equipment Sales

Camo-Cam CCTV Inspection Cameras

- 60 or 120 meter cable lengths
- 50mm camera head
- Self levelling head
- Gold touch-point connector
- 60 degree camera angel view
-18 highlight white LED’s
- Meter counter device
- Fibreglass rod cable with stainless steel reel cage

15” monitor

- 15” TFT LCD monitor with DVR and picture shot
- Rechargeable lithium storage battery
- Water Proof Heavy Duty Case
- Video and audio recording
- Battery level display
- AC/DC power supply
- SD card slot

Cam-Cam Accessories

  • USB Camera
  • Transmitter Head
  • Adjustable Skid
  • Cam-Cam Poles
  • Cam-Cam Roller Skids
  • Camera Adapters
  • Mini Rollers
  • Trap Master
  • CCTV Push Rod System


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Leak Detection Equipment Sales

SK 116 Sonde

A sonde can be sent down a pipe and traced using a utility locater.
The SK116 Sonde can be traced up to 15 meters deep!

SK 116 Sonde

Leak Detection Equipment Sales

UtiliTrac R130

The UtiliTrac is used in locating underground pipelines.
The system case holds a generator which is used to energise the pipe line.
The UtiliTrac displays a two dimensional visual of line positions and a three dimensional visual of sondes.
The inspection camera’s cable can also be energised and traced with the UtiliTrac.
The UtiliTrac also has a frequency scan function.

UtiliTrac R130 with no transmitter
UtiliTrac R130 with 1 Watt transmitter
UtiliTrac R130 with 10 Watt transmitter


PDF Download Cam-Cam Crawler Specs
PDF Download Cam-Cam Skids
PDF Download Cam-Cam new accessories
PDF Download Cam-Cam Borescope Brochure
PDF Download Cam-Cam R120 Tilt & Pan Specs
PDF Download 40 meter Cam-Cam Spec Sheet
PDF Download Cam-Cam Adjustable Skid
PDF Download 60 & 120 Meter Cam Cam Spec Sheet
PDF Download Cam Cam Spec Sheet
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